The SAS II “Ultimate Racer” (UR) was built and designed for cutting edge competitive performance.
The SAS II UR is our flagship IPSC pistol incorporating state of the art gunsmithing and manufacturing processes to
provide superior speed and accuracy.
The UR is meticulously hand fitted and tuned, then thoroughly tested to ensure that everything is perfect.
The SAS II UR is “ready to race out of the box” – just load the magazines and you are ready to go.


Calibers: : 9mm / .38 super
Barrel: Match grade one-piece 5.0” inch compensated ramped
bull barrel.
Frame: SAS2 stainless steel / Short length dust cover.
Grip: Full size module (FS) polymer grip.
Slide: Stainless steel / Weight reduction cuts.
Trigger type: Modular trigger system / Short curved trigger shoe.
Trigger weight: 2.0 – 2.5 lbs.
Safety: Ambidextrous shielded extended levers.
Magazine release: Large & adjustable button.
Optic mount system: EVO mount with modular thumb rests.
Optic mount footprint: RTS2
Supplied optic: Bul Optics MS-2 (adapter included).
Supplied magazines: 2 X 170mm.
Magwell: UR aluminum magwell.
Full length stainless steel guide rod.
Removable tool less slide racker.
Available colors: Silver (Natural finish)
Weight as shown (unloaded): 1150g / 2.5lbs