Calibers: 9mm / .38 super
Barrel: Match grade one-piece 5.7” inch hybrid compensated
ramped bull barrel.
Frame: SAS2 stainless steel / Full length dust cover.
Grip: Full size module (FS) stainless steel grip.
Slide: Stainless steel / Weight reduction cuts.
Trigger type: Modular trigger system / Short curved trigger shoe.
Trigger weight: up to 2.0lbs.
Safety: Ambidextrous shielded extended levers.
Magazine release: Large & adjustable button.
Optic mount system: EVO mount with modular thumb rests.
Optic mount footprint: RTS2
Supplied optic: Bul Optics MS-2 (adapter included).
Supplied magazines: 3 X 170mm.
Magwell: UR aluminum magwell.
Tool Less Full length stainless steel guide rod.
Removable tool less slide racker.
Available colors: Silver (Natural finish)
Weight as shown (unloaded): 1536g / 3.3lbs

Starting at: $4,890.00